Land available :

23 hectares (58 acres)

On-site infrastructure:

  1. Multi-use building (cold room, storage and wash station, toilet, sinks and wash basins, watering hoses and access to potable water);
  2. Personal storage rooms (8 x10 feet);
  3. Heated greenhouse (3060 square feet);
  4. A second heated greenhouse (1 400 square feet);
  5. Four high tunnels (6000 square feet total);
  6. Access to a central field irrigation network (drip-tape, hoses, and sprinkler systems not included);
  7. Access to potable water for vegetable cleaning and preparation;
  8. Access to a storage dome for machinery and tool storage;
  9. Access to basic communal field preparation and cultivation work.

On site rental access to:

  1. Plastic mulch layer
  2. Fiat Agri tractor
  3. Rototiller
  4. S-tine cultivator
  5. Garden tiller
  6. Earthway manual seeder and cover crop seeder
  7. Disc cultivator
  8. Tine cultivator
  9. Brush cutter
  10. More equipment to come !

  • Support and mentorship network provided by project stakeholders and economic development projects in the Outaouais region.
  • Technical support and workshops available to develop a business plan and to provide related training.
  • Guidance and support during the search for land and help to integrate your business into the Outaouais market (soon available).

Un projet du Centre de Recherche et de Développement
Technologique Agricole de l'Outaouais